Here we are glad to introduce our company C & K, hope you would find the below information helpful for our products and services supply.


 Why Do C&K?    
Additional Services    
International certification    

Established since 1985, C & K is a 25 year-old manufacturer and exporter of metal accessories for garments and handbags.

C & K possesses wide ranges and completed machinery. We specializes in manufacturing metal buttons, buckles, snaps, metal label, rivets , eyelets , rings, chains, hooks, studs, pendants and pins. In expand of products and services provided, we have equipped with new machines continuously.

In advanced from having a 2000-square-metre factory in HUIZHOU mainland China, we are popular with customers from the occident countries and the Middle East countries, such as Germany, Poland, Egypt, Pakistan, U.K. , U.S. etc.

We are well-experienced in OEM and ODM production. With teams of professional technicians, we are capable of tailor-made products in order to fulfill our customers’ requirements.


   Why do C&K?

To ensure high-quality of products, we choose the best materials , likes Alloy , Brass and Steel from Australia ,Korea , Japan and Tai Wan.  We strictly control our sub-contractor and ourselves to meet different international standards. 

Recently, C &K has a good reputation to supply products with complying most of requirements

l          U.S.A. lead standard for children and consumer products on CPSIA

l          European concerns of restricted substances including RoHS & EN71-3.

As far as customers concern, we continuously update information on all relevant products, so that to give support whenever our customers needed.  

We understand that not just products quality is of your consideration in choosing a supplier, but also the services provide is an element to maintain the business partnership. For 25 years, we insist in having the sales headquarter in Hong Kong because we know that fast responds, accurate quote and good communication with customers is as important as the products’ quality. All the sales inquiries will be following up by our team of Hong Kong sales executives in order to provide comprehensive information to the inquiry. 

  In order to shorten the production lead time, our factory located in China, has been leading in different kinds of advanced machines in the industry. With a combination of Hong Kong and China management teams, we are capable to arrange bulks delivery to wherever in China or international promptly.

 Additional Services

Customers just save time by requesting us for arranging send samples to Hong Kong’s 3rd party lab test directly from our factory. ( No more time wasted on delivery back and fore of the samples to customers’ country for lab test before bulk shipment) .

 In terms of technical support, C & K had prepared button fixing video and manual to help some newly arise garment and handbag factories to learn and references for button fixing process. It may reduce the wastage of incorrect fixing of button, as well as time wasted on wrongful production on incorrect button fixing.  

In order to increase buyers’ confidence, C & K provide service on garment button fixing demonstration. As long as customers give us instruction and garment samples, we will fix our buttons on the garment samples to ensure the buttons is applicable to subsequent usage. 

Shipment arrangement may also be one of the problem encountered in international business, C&K is committed to provide one-stop services in suggesting shipment arrangement for different countries by searching the most reliable forwarders and compare the cost of delivery for customers.

 We are also capable of assisting many brand owners and their designers to achieve their design ideas in product development, including providing 2-D and 3-D artwork for the products, advising constructions and dimensions for different usage of the products, over 100 electroplating finishes can be chose by customers, following customers’ samples of finishes and pantone color for enamel effect, epoxy finishes and enamel rubber effect as well as different color of rhinestones decorations on the products are also available for the customers.   

 International certified

  C & K has been ISO 9001:2008 certified design and manufacture since 2004. Our effort and dedication has gained us good reputation as a reliable, efficient and high quality manufacturer in China and Hong Kong.

 In the sooner future, C & K will be gained certificate on social responsibility, by saving the time and cost for the customers and brand owners who concerns with this on factory audits, choosing C & K as your nominated supplier will secure your business in all around. 


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